NCR strives to set affordable levels for our players while ensuring the organization provides exceptional services, safe environments and high-quality competitions. For the first time, all member fees will be invested directly into the support and growth of college rugby.


NCR offers two payment structures for our members. These options help meet the diverse preferences of our programs and make it easier for clubs to obtain funding support from their schools and alumni.

  • Plan 1: Designed for teams where the school will pay the team dues and the individual members pay the player dues.
  • Plan 2: Designed for teams who receive little support from the school and have to raise funds for all expenses.  This allows for teams to register and play for a minimal initial outlay.


2020-21 NCR Membership Fees

(includes insurance and processing fees)

Plan 1 Plan 2
Club Fee $160 $1,300 
Player Fee $65 $20


To register, view our club registration instructions.