Penn Mutual Coach of the Month – May 2020 Darrin Barner – Wayne State College

Congratulations to Darrin Barner, Head Coach of Wayne State College Men’s and Women’s Rugby Clubs on his selection as the Penn Mutual Coach of the month for May.

Looking at the wins and losses at the seasons end can paint a picture of a coaches understanding of strategy and structure.  What it does not always capture is the impact of the coach beyond the X’s and O’s, usually. In the case of Coach Barner the impressive trophy cabinet speaks to his technical ability to teach a high standard of play, but more so it is testimony to his capacity to reach and connect with student athletes who have often never played the game and generate a love for the game like few others can.

His players know his secret to success, they see the countless hours he commits to the team both during the season and off-season. They see him as a student of the game with a passion for lifelong learning who shares responsibilities based on trust with his captains. But more than anything his players see him not only as coach but a life changer.