NCR Protects all Referees

National Collegiate Rugby has a long history of providing quality referee coverage and working closely with both referees and local referee organizations.

In establishing the new NCR insurance program, we strived to provide broad coverage for referees and make it easy for them to participate in the program. We consulted with referee organizations and obtained important advice from our insurance consultant, Lockton.

As part of NCR’s insurance program, we are pleased to provide the following features for referees:

  • no-cost liability and accident insurance
  • coverage that does not require NCR membership
  • indemnification for the referee organization and its officers
  • coverage for any match that includes at least one NCR team no matter where the match is played (in the US, Canada or overseas)
  • effective for all NCR matches after August 1, 2020.

Our website provides more information.

Referees do not need to be registered with NCR to be eligible for matchday insurance.  However, we encourage all referees to join our membership community at no cost. As NCR members, referees will receive updates regarding collegiate rugby, have access to the scheduling portal and be connected to NCR’s planned competition management system.

For free NCR membership, referees can sign up through our membership portal or review the registration FAQs.