NCR 2020-2021 – Questions and Answers

How will things be different under NCR?

NCR is committed to its small college heritage and will continue to run our existing small college championship pathways.  Beginning in 2020, we will also add open divisions which will provide pathways for former men’s DIA, DIAA and DII and women’s DI and DII teams – from both small and large schools.

In addition, NCR has established an independent operating model and will now offer our members full insurance, a registration platform, and a competition management system.


How will the Fall season be affected by COVID-19?

Here is the latest NCR update.


Will players need to register with USA Rugby?

NCR will not mandate USA Rugby membership for our players. We understand that many of our  members are big fans of our national teams, and we are working with USA Rugby to provide optional membership and donation programs to support the national teams.


What insurance will be offered?

Details about insurance coverage for the 2020-21 season can be found on the insurance overview.


Why become a member with NCR this Fall?

NCR is here to serve its members as a professional membership organization. We’ve added some great new features for this Fall in addition to our many existing member benefits.  The Founders Discount offers a reduced membership rate for the 2020-2021 season.

As a member of NCR you have access to an exciting list of member benefits:

  • Contactless Fall Competitive season (new)
  • Administrator Toolbox with training on how to retain players during Covid and more (new)
  • Online Coaching Development partnership with MLR and NCR Coach collaboration (new)
  • Participant Accident and General Liability Insurance Coverage (new)
  • Collegiate Rugby Community engagement and interaction


When should I register?

Club, Coaches and Players need to be registered before they participate in training and matches.  If you want to participate in NCR activities you will need to be registered.



What are the fees?

2020-21 NCR Membership Fees

(includes insurance)

Plan 1 Plan 2
Club Fee $160 $1,300 
Player Fee $65 $20
Coach Fee $45 $45


What do the plans mean and how do they work?

The two plans are designed to accommodate teams who may receive direct funding from their schools and those who do not.  Also, teams who receive direct funding often find that while their school may pay for team/club dues they will not subsidize individual player dues.  

Plan 1

Designed for teams where the school will pay the team dues and the individual members pay the player dues.

Plan 2

Designed for teams who receive little support from the school and have to raise funds for all expenses.  This allows for teams to register and play for a minimal initial outlay.


How will the open division work?

The open divisions will be developed in partnership with our new conferences to ensure that each team participates in an appropriate competition structure. Depending on the type and number of teams that join NCR, there may be multiple championship pathways within the men’s and women’s open divisions.  For more information, please contact Brad Dufek (men) or Angela Smarto (women).