Mike Appaneal – Board Member

For the past 26 years, Appaneal has been an insurance executive with experiences in sales, management, and executive levels. Appaneal’s rugby experience spans three decades, beginning his career at an NSCRO member school, Bowdoin College, where he was a member of the 1991 NERFU Collegiate Championship team. After college, Appaneal went on to play for and serve as Captain for both the Pittsburgh Harlequins RFC and Washington Irish RFC. He was named “Most Valuable Forward” for the Irish in 2001 and led them to a Potomac RFU Championship in 2002. Appaneal is a founder and active Board of Directors member for the Pittsburgh Harlequins Rugby Football Association, a 501(c)3 not-for-profit corporation, established to provide community rugby programs to disadvantaged youth and teen groups throughout Allegheny County, PA with the goal of instilling the values that team athletics can provide, including self-confidence, leadership, and integrity. In 2019, the Association has undertaken its 22nd year of uninterrupted Youth Mentoring Programs in the Pittsburgh Area. The 2019 Program includes 4 sites, 28 neighborhoods, 1500 volunteer hours, and over 200 youth from predominantly at-risk communities.