Community Open Letter

 Jeremy A. Treece 

Chief Executive Officer 

230 N. Maple Ave. Suite B1 #295 

Marlton, NJ 08053-9412 


To the US Rugby Community, 

I am writing to you today to express my great appreciation for all you do to serve the game of rugby and to make you aware of our position with USA Rugby, our National Governing Body. In addition, I’d like to clear  up any miscommunications that are circulating around with referee organizations regarding NCR’s and  USAR’s relationship. 

NCR, formerly known as NSCRO, has been serving the college rugby community for over 13 years with  great success. With the uncertainty of USAR’s future due to bankruptcy last year, NCR needed to evolve our  processes to best serve our members. With the encouragement of USAR we established a registration  platform and insurance coverage in 2020.  

NCR believes that a NGB that partners and empowers its community groups is the best path forward for  the growth of rugby in the United States. Creating shared partnerships to grow the game, with independent  organizations like NCR, NIRA, MLR, LROs and USA Youth & High School Rugby, we believe, is essential to the  development of the game at all levels. These community groups provide the necessary services so USAR is  able to concentrate on the mission that a NGB should be focused on. All of this conforms with the committee  guidelines developed by the working group USAR empowered to find a way forward from their reorganization. 

NCR has embraced this mission and looks forward to contributing to the shared resources that all groups  need for the game to effectively operate. This includes, but is not limited to, the recruitment, training,  education and assisting of referees to develop a nationwide consistent approach to the game. NCR welcomes a partnership with USAR to assist them in these important areas. 

Therefore, NCR has sent a formal proposal to USAR on 12-15-2020 proposing a new community  partnership between our organizations. NCR has offered an annual $52,000 donation to be specifically earmarked for programs developed by USAR for the recruitment and development of referees and coaching development. 

NCR is currently awaiting USAR’s response. However, while we are waiting for their response, we will  continue our mission forward “to foster the on and off-field growth and development of collegiate rugby  teams, student athletes, referees and coaches.” 

Thank you again for all you do for the game, especially during these challenging times. We look forward  to the return of rugby and working with you in 2021. 


Jeremy A. Treece