2020-21 Registration is Open

Rugby…we all love it! Its success requires teamwork and a collaboration from all those involved…both on and off the field of play. It takes a well-run program with strong leadership and support to make it so. This involves more than just the student-athletes strapping on their boots. It takes the right support from the school, coaches, alumni, fans and rugby organizations to provide direction, funding, mentorship and more.


National Collegiate Rugby is here to provide the guidance and tools necessary for collegiate rugby success. NCR is an evolution of National Small College Rugby Organization. NSCRO is highly regarded in the rugby community for setting the standard of excellence for rugby growth and development. Since our beginnings in 2002 we have continually supported men’s and women’s college rugby.


Earlier this year USA Rugby requested NSCRO to provide key input in support of their Reorganization Task Force which we did. During our discussions with USAR they advised us to take control of our membership with our own registration platform and provide insurance coverage. We did so. NCR accepted more than 200 new member schools of all sizes into our family. Today we stand together with our nearly 15,000 student-athletes facing difficult and unexpected challenges during this pandemic. But we are rugby and we are built for challenges of all types.


Registration for the 2020-2021 season is open today at ncr.rugby.  Join an organization committed solely to the growth of collegiate rugby in the United States.


NCR stands ready with many talented persons both in paid and volunteer roles to drive through this storm with innovative and collaborative services that will support the needs of our members. We will create a brighter day for college rugby.


No matter the weather…we are with you!


Together we can!


Yours in rugby,


Steve Cohen

NCR 2020-2021 – Questions and Answers

How will things be different under NCR?

NCR is committed to its small college heritage and will continue to run our existing small college championship pathways.  Beginning in 2020, we will also add open divisions which will provide pathways for former men’s DIA, DIAA and DII and women’s DI and DII teams – from both small and large schools.

In addition, NCR has established an independent operating model and will now offer our members full insurance, a registration platform, and a competition management system.


How will the Fall season be affected by COVID-19?

Here is the latest NCR update.


Will players need to register with USA Rugby?

NCR will not mandate USA Rugby membership for our players. We understand that many of our  members are big fans of our national teams, and we are working with USA Rugby to provide optional membership and donation programs to support the national teams.


What insurance will be offered?

Details about insurance coverage for the 2020-21 season can be found on the insurance overview.


Why become a member with NCR this Fall?

NCR is here to serve its members as a professional membership organization. We’ve added some great new features for this Fall in addition to our many existing member benefits.  The Founders Discount offers a reduced membership rate for the 2020-2021 season.

As a member of NCR you have access to an exciting list of member benefits:

  • Contactless Fall Competitive season (new)
  • Administrator Toolbox with training on how to retain players during Covid and more (new)
  • Online Coaching Development partnership with MLR and NCR Coach collaboration (new)
  • Participant Accident and General Liability Insurance Coverage (new)
  • Collegiate Rugby Community engagement and interaction


When should I register?

Club, Coaches and Players need to be registered before they participate in training and matches.  If you want to participate in NCR activities you will need to be registered. If you register before September 30, 2020 your club membership fees are discounted by $400.  This discount is already applied to the Plan 2 Club registration option in the NCR Registration System.



What are the fees?

2020-21 NCR Membership Fees

(includes insurance and processing fees)

Plan 1 Plan 2
Club Fee $160 $1,300 
Player Fee $65 $20


What do the plans mean and how do they work?

The two plans are designed to accommodate teams who may receive direct funding from their schools and those who do not.  Also, teams who receive direct funding often find that while their school may pay for team/club dues they will not subsidize individual player dues.  

Plan 1

Designed for teams where the school will pay the team dues and the individual members pay the player dues.

Plan 2

Designed for teams who receive little support from the school and have to raise funds for all expenses.  This allows for teams to register and play for a minimal initial outlay.


How will the open division work?

The open divisions will be developed in partnership with our new conferences to ensure that each team participates in an appropriate competition structure. Depending on the type and number of teams that join NCR, there may be multiple championship pathways within the men’s and women’s open divisions.  For more information, please contact Brad Dufek (men) or Angela Smarto (women).

Plan For The Future Of Collegiate Rugby – NSCRO Statement

These are difficult times for the world we live in and also for rugby in our country.

We at NSCRO want to assure the collegiate rugby community that we are financially strong and have the funding to continue implementing our new independent operating model and make appropriate investments on behalf of our members. We will be ready for rugby in the Fall.


  • We have obtained a proposal for general liability insurance and personal accident insurance coverage.
  • We will utilize SportLoMo as our new membership platform and competition management system. As part of the implementation, we will also be launching a new website for our members.
  • We are pleased to announce that Lucy Zugschwert has joined the NSCRO team to implement our membership services model and the SportLoMo platform. As the former USA Rugby Membership Services and Database Manager, Lucy is well known to the rugby community and we are excited to add her expertise to our team.
  • We are actively speaking with conferences about our new divisions, which includes both small and large schools. NSCRO has the experience and capacity to welcome conferences and teams that may need a new home in the Fall.
  • As we expand our services to include a larger segment of the collegiate rugby community, we will be rebranding the organization. In the near future we will change our name to the National Collegiate Rugby Organization (NCRO) in order to more accurately reflect the community we represent.
  • We continue to monitor the COVID-19 pandemic and its impact on the sporting community. While it’s too early to understand any potential impact on next season, we will be guided by our members’ universities and other national sporting organizations.

We want to wish all of our members and their families well during these difficult times. We hope to see you on a rugby pitch soon.

Yours in rugby,

Steve Cohen
President and CEO